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Residential Lawn Service

Whether you build a home from scratch or buy an exsisting home, a portion of your investment goes into the lawn and landscaping. Lawn service is crucial to holding the value of your landscaping and lawn investment. Lawn Service programs may include trimming the hedges or shrubs,removing invasives, fertilization, weed control, and regular lawn service. These aspects are an important part to keeping your home looking great all year long.

We provide the following Lawn services:

  • Lawn Mowing (includes, edging, line trimming/weed eating, and clean-up)
  • Hedge/Bush Trimming
  • Palm pruning
  • Weed control
  • Landscaping Bed Maintenance
  • Fertilization
  • Picking up Debris
  • Skimming your pool of grass clipping at the end of service
  • And More!

Our experts customize your lawn service program to keep your lawn in tip top shape all year. We provide our clients with a routine check up sheet and your notified of anything that needs attention that your service program does not include. We follow the industries recommended best maintenance practices to insure the health of your landscaping and to protect your homes value.

Why is regular lawn service important?

  • Frequent mowing allows us to cut less then 1/3 of the blade which reduces the stress on your lawn and allows better protection against diseases.
  • Routine trimming of the hedges allow for the hedges to get thick and full. Waiting too long between trims can allow for diseases and the hedges could become “leggy and thin”.
  • Maintaining a healthy lawn helps our environment. Our lawns are hard at work everyday cleaning toxins from our air and also filtering toxins from rain water.
  • Regular Tree service allows trees to develop a good structure and helps protect them from cracking or falling during severe weather. It also can protect your home depending on the trees location.

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